Monday, January 6, 2014

"Where's that silly elf?"

Just like alot of people, we pulled out our elf a few days into December.  Riggs got his elf his first Christmas, but this is the first year that he really could understand the story and play along:) 

When we read the story we asked him what he wanted to name his elf and he immediately responded and said, "Treat."   So, our elf is unofficially named Treat because if you asked him again what his name is he will respond with something equally as silly every time!

Every morning Riggs would wake up, look for his elf and come and get me and say, "Mama, look at dis siwwy elf!" 

We were back and forth to Appling and to visit friends over the holidays and the elf didn't join but I did want to post pics of what our silly elf was up to!

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