Tuesday, January 21, 2014


I have been keeping notes in my phone over the past several months of funny things that Riggs has done or said and I need to jot them all down!

- R: What's that noise out der'?
  Me: It sounds like a moto (what we call a motorcycle) huh?
  R: Nope, it's a grass cutter!

-I got out a new candle and lit it and R said "It's a candle mom?, It's a birthday party!?"

-He calls corn on the cob, CORN ON THE BOB!

-When he was sick a month or two ago I got a handkerchief to wipe his nose and because he is not the best at blowing I usually just pinch it and wipe. He came up to me and said, "my nose is running mama, chomp my nose"

- A computer is a PACUTER!

-He loves to play with "Blalaloons" (balloons)

-We were getting ready to leave the house...
  Me: let's get your shoes buddy, it's time to go.
  R: Wait Mama I gotta read my Bible first!

-His favorite movie a few months ago that lasted weeks on end was MONSTER JINX (monster's Inc.).  He has now moved on to Tangled and wants to watch it ALL the TIME!

-Andrew was outside yesterday vacuuming his car and Riggs got his big ice scraper from when we were in Wisconsin out of the trunk.  Andrew looked over and he was running it over his little riding four wheeler...
  A: What you doing buddy?
  R: Washing my four wheeler so it will be strong and mighty!  
OK then:)

-Andrew went to Target with the kids yesterday to get Riggs some medicine because he's got a little cold.  
  A: We are going to talk to the pharmacist to ask what medicine to get you!
  R:  I don't see the farmer
  A: No, the pharmacist to ask about medicine.
  R: (pointing to other people)  He's the farmer???

-I tell him all the time that he needs to stop growing and that I don't want him to get any bigger.   He will randomly look at me during the day and say, "You don't want me to get bigger!"  And he always says, "When I bigger...."  I'm going to hunt with daddy, I'm gonna drive the car, I'm gonna climb that ladder, play football...etc!

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