Friday, May 31, 2013

Welcome: Harpin Reese Anderson, Part 2

Part 2

On Tuesday night of my due date, around 10:45 pm I called the oncall doctor to ask when I should come in. At this point contractions were about 7-9 minutes apart.  But, I was group B positive and needed antibiotics prior to delivery and was a VBAC.  With either of these alone they want you to come in alot sooner than with a first or normal delivery.  

We got to the hospital and checked in about 11:45pm and I was 4 cm and 75 % effaced.  At this point contractions were getting worse, but bearable.  I labored through the early morning on my own while Andrew slept.  I would rather just deal with it by myself and not have anyone talking to me.  The nurse said my contractions were 2-3 min apart lasting about 120 seconds each.  Thankfully, I didn't think they were lasting that long but definitely felt them at the peak of the contraction! I was trying to wait until 2:30-3 am when the doctor said she would be back in to check me and break my water to see how far along I was before I asked for the epidural but the pain was getting unbearable.  I finally asked for the epidural without even being checked and got it around 3:45 am.  

Once the epidural kicked in the nurse checked me again and I was 7cm and my water broke on its own.  At this point we found out that there was meconium in my fluid and I began to worry!  They told us that they would take her right away and try to suction her before she cried or if she cried and was vigorous then not to worry.  This got the tears rolling and all I could do was pray for a healthy baby girl.

After the epidural I felt great on my left side and could still move but couldn't feel anything, but on the right I could feel every contraction and they were getting my more intense.  I was to the point of getting mad and scared because I didn't feel like I could handle it much longer!  Thankfully the anesthesiologist came back in at 4:35 am and pulled back the catheter and bolused me with medication and that fixed the problem, PTL! 

I always thought it was funny when people would say they felt pressure down there like they needed to poop...well at 6:15am I felt that feeling and called the nurse.  I was 9 cm. Shortly after this Harpin's heart rate started having decelerations that caused worry and they put me on oxygen and flipped me from side to side.  At one point, they got me on all fours in the bed...what a sight, especially since I could not move or feel my left leg at ALL!  But, baby girls heart riate liked it and I was willing to do whatever. 

Eventually, they started a little low dose pitocin to try and get me from 9 to 10 cm.  I was checked again at 9:30 am and it was time!  Started pushing at 9:33am and baby Harpin was born at 10:04am!

Harpin Reese Anderson
10:04 am
8lbs. 4 oz.
21 inches long

Praise the Lord for answered prayers!  I kept telling Andrew, "I did it, I did it!" 
 All births and all babies are miracles but it is was so special for us to experience birth this way.  The nurse put a huge stand up mirror and I was able to watch ( I know, I know some people are grossed out by this but I loved it!) And Andrew was my left hand man:)  He had to hold my left leg because I couldn't move it from the epidural.  I have been trying to thank God for each thing specifically as I prayed for each of these things specifically...He is SO GOOD!

Now for pics of our precious baby on her birthday...

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