Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Fathers Day Weekend

We were able to go to Appling from Thursday until Sunday morning this past weekend. We always love getting to go "home," but our time is always stretched between both of our families and friends that we both want to see and be able to spend quality time with. We had a great time with family and friends which usually includes us doing things separately, but we were able to go on a date with Will and Jamie and I was able to do lunch with a friend and our boys on Friday. We spent all day Saturday at Sue Sue and Granstans new pool with all the kids (doesn't happen very often)..and would you believe the only pictures I took are the ones below, and that means none of Rod and none of my baby boy!:( Sunday we took my daddy to Cracker Barrell for breakfast for Father's day and I had to come home in order to work Sunday night!
(below: Andrew and Georgia checking out pics on my phone, sweet Jensen, and Corban)
I am so thankful for the men in my life, and Riggs' life! Thankful for a daddy who has loved me and provided for me even when it has cost him, and not only that, he now gets to love on my son, such a sweet thing to see. Mr. Stanley (my father-in-law AKA Gran Stan) I am thankful for his example over the years of a Godly husband and father to Andrew. And I can't say enough about Andrew! He is such a great daddy...from the beginning he has been so willing to do whatever to help with Riggs. I love to hear him sing and talk to him (and boy does Riggs LOVE HIM!) I can only hope that Riggs will have the work ethic, gentleness and laid back demeanor of my dad, the smarts of Andrew and his love for the Lord and desire to serve others, the humor of Mr. Stanley and ability to draw people in through his personality and zeal for life and the Lord. God has definetly blessed Riggs' little life already.

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