Thursday, August 8, 2013

What's Next?

Good question Tara!:)  I wish I knew what was next.  It's interesting because over the past few years when I am anxious and wondering this exact question I realize that I have absolutely NO control over it!  It's not like we have several doors open and we have to try to decide which one is best or God's plan.  It is literally just waiting to see what unfolds and find joy in where we are!

Andrew finishes his intership the end of this month.  We are almost FINISHED!  So, he had an interview Monday at a prison in Red Granite, WI, about 45 min. from where we live now and he had an interview in Oshkosh today(where he is interning now).  He has also applied to two jobs closer to home and we are just waiting to find out about those.

I pray specifically that if God's plan is for us to stay here that He would do a work and change my heart in that direction.  But, I also pray specifically that Andrew would get the job in Estill, SC (1hr. and 1/2 from home, he has family that lives there, 1hr from Hilton Head) and that I would be able to cut back working and stay at home with my babies!  Those are my two main prayers. In the midst of praying specifically, I also know that His plan is BEST.  So, hopefully this will all unfold in the next month or so and we will know what lies ahead a little bit.  I am such a planner and it's killing me to sit and wait on what's next!

SO, What's next?? I DUNNO!

But, I will leave you with a little sweetness...

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