Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Mile Stones

It's funny to me how excited I get over each and every one of the mile stones that Riggs meets. I find so much joy the first time I see him do something new! Today was one of those days. I was supposed to work today and got a call at 5 am that we only had 6 patients and that I was going to be delayed. So, I put my head back on the pillow in an attempt to snuggle up and go back to sleep. Well, around 5:20 I heard little man stirring and hoped he would go back to sleep, but 10 minutes later I finally got up to get him and feed him and this is what I found. I loved walking in to his sweet smiling face just waiting on me to rescue him from his crib:) The picture isn't very good because I took it with my phone and the flash was bright for him in the dark.
He was just sitting there on his knees looking over the edge with a BIG grin on his cute little face, as if to say "look at me mommy!" Needless to say, Andrew and I lowered his mattress today.
He wants to crawl so bad too. He gets up on all fours and rocks back and forth and grins at whatever it is he is dying to reach and then drops down and just scoots:) WOW, how things are going to change once we have a crawler on our hands! I love having the priveledge of watching him change and grow and discover things in this world! I am beyond thankful for a healthy baby boy!

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