Sunday, April 7, 2013

Comparison at 34 weeks

I always see people put up pictures to compare how they looked during pregnancy and especially with a boy and girl. 
The one on the left is 34 weeks with Riggs and the one on the right is 34 weeks with Harpin.  It's crazy how I feel exactly the same this time as I did with Riggs.  Thankfully, the aweful carpal tunnel I had with Riggs has not set in and so I really am symptom free other than just the normal tired from carrying around 17 extra pounds!  I am SO thankful! 
 I really don't think I look that different other than Riggs seems to be making himself known a little more out front?  What do you think?
I am so thankful to get to experience carrying a life and I can't wait to meet our little blessing!

1 comment:

Sherice said...

He seems to have "ridden" a bit higher than Harpin. Either way, you look GREAT mama :)
I can't wait to meet her.