Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Up to date

We have been just smooth sailing around here lately...that is until today! I got a call at work that Riggs had a 102 fever and had to go and pick him up around 2 and miss the rest of the day at work. Must be just a virus of some sort b/c ears and all checked out fine! My sweet little buddy is getting three new teeth now though and he never even so much as acts like they hurt him! He just drools and chews and drools and chews:) Here are a few pics of the past week. He is such a ham lately and LOVES to point at things. He will tell you what the dog, cow and lion say! He more so acts it out(with his facial expressions or body movements) than actually makes the noise. He is doing much better when we leave him at nursery or daycare, thankfully! He is such a great, sweet little boy!

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